A downloadable game for Windows

Inspired by the likes of the Secret of Nimh, Redwall, and Hollow Knight,

Under Siege is ready to challenge players with daring escapes, and puzzling
Exploring the lives of those caught between and beneath the boots of
marching armies, you take on the role of the courier Alexi. To save your hovel
from certain destruction, you must brave a path through a castle under siege
to secure an escape route with your wits and a magic stone allowing you to
create a helpful body double.
A side-scrolling platforming game through a beautiful and terrifying world,
Alexi lives through a tale of danger, loneliness, and hope with only
themselves to rely on to save their hovel.

The Team 

Lauren Dansereau - 2D Artist
Madison Telles - 2D Artist
 Xavier Toomer - 3D Environment Artist
George Lovett - Character Artist, Programmer
Korbin Whiteside - Level Designer, Programmer
Josh Choi-  Music & Composition
Jason Hur- Music & Composition
Jackie Rowcliffe- 2D Artist


UnderSiege_1.0.zip 80 MB